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I’m Buying My Next Rental Home!

Real estate investment home

Real estate investing during a hot, seller’s market?! Yes.

Personal post ahead:

Guys, I’m so excited. My husband, Bao, and I have been wanting to expand on our rental home portfolio since 2015, when we bought our last home. At the time, I was scared because the price was so much more than 2009 recession prices. We kept sitting out on buying another income property because of the hot market. We basically said, “Let’s wait until prices come down.” One year turned into two years into 6 years. 2015 became 2021.

Enough is enough. Savvy investors don’t rely on market timing and appreciation. That’s called praying and wishing. That isn’t a smart business strategy. Smart investors know how to make money in a buyer’s and a seller’s market. We’re tired of sidelining ourselves while opportunities pass by. Invest in real estate during this crazy seller’s market? What?! Yes.

This weekend we put in an offer on a home.


Photo of our next home:

Real estate investment home - My next home

The price scares me, but the numbers make sense so we’re doing it. I’m also buying this house sight unseen but I have a team and a system in place. Looking back, every home I’ve ever bought has scared me for one reason or another. I’m glad I took action despite those feelings. My bank account is glad I took action. I always tell people to stop renting and making their landlord rich. Unless that landlord is me…then keep on renting! 😁 That was tongue-in-cheek. In all seriousness, get investing!

If you’re interested in real estate investing in the Boston or Southern New Hampshire area, reach out and let’s talk about your goals. I’d love to help! I personally focus on buy-and-hold rental homes, but there are certainly other ways to invest. Shoot me an email at or call/text me at 781-864-7372.

Jeni Lu

Jeni Lu

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