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Client Story: Losing a Spouse to Cancer

Client Story: Carrie Fajvan - Losing a spouse to cancer

I move swiftly from one real estate transaction to the next, especially in this hot market. So it’s wonderful to slow down and think about the impact I have on the world. I love knowing that I don’t just sell homes. What I do changes people’s lives. I share Carrie’s story to give hope to anyone who’s gone through losing a spouse to cancer, or to anyone who has lost a sense of purpose in life.

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I’m happy to share the story of my client, Carrie Fajvan. She reached out one day asking me to help sell her Haverhill home. At the time, I didn’t know why she wanted to move. I only knew that Carrie was a single mother raising 3 children and that she had a fierce desire to create a loving home for them.

Occasionally my buyer clients will write a love letter to a homeowner as part of their offer to purchase a home. The idea is to pull on heartstrings. We tell the seller why they are the perfect family for the home and the neighborhood. Most homeowners who’ve lived in a home for many years want to find people who will continue caring for it. Also, what responsible homeowner also wouldn’t want to find good people for the neighbors? Assuming they like the neighbors.

Folks, I cried when I read Carrie’s letter! I read it a few more times and was emotional each time. We didn’t get that home offer accepted, but what I took away was 1) Carrie is a great writer, and 2) she is an incredible woman.

No one ever plans to be a single parent. The unfortunate circumstance of losing a spouse to cancer made her a stronger person. For instance, she had to run the household, control finances, and make all the key decisions for her children. Because the sole responsibility of her children’s success and happiness depended on her, I’m sure she’s seen challenging, lonely, and at times very stressful days.

Listen to her story in her own words by watching the video above if you haven’t already.

Working with Carrie was great because she trusted my guidance and the process. She trusted me to sell her home (with no home sale contingency!) and she trusted me to help her buy a new home in this competitive buyer’s market. Eventually, we did get an offer accepted on a beautiful home. The timing was perfect because we were able to close on her current home and new home on the same day. She leaned on friends and a strong support system. It all came beautifully together for Carrie and her kids.

Carrie Fajvan after losing a spouse to cancer. With her children.
Carrie Fajvan with her kids

Additionally, if you’re working through the pain of losing a spouse, consider attending the weekly GriefShare meetings held on Monday nights here:

West Congregational Church
767 Broadway, Haverhill, MA 01832
Contact person: James Garand
Phone: 603-898-8278

To learn about GriefShare, view their website here.

Finally, thanks goes out to Preferred Moving and Storage for letting us film their moving crew! They can help you move anywhere in New Hampshire, Massachsetts and Maine. Be sure to mention Wicked Northshoreif you decide to move with them!

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