Why on earth would anyone consider moving to Salisbury, MA? Salisbury Stats     Median Home Prices: $400,312 Local Education: Salisbury Elementary, Triton Regional High School. These are highly praised and readily accessible public schools. Parents will find that the regional high school experience provides a more thorough understanding of the local setting for students. Triton’s thriving […]


newburyport sign

When friends and family come to visit me in Boston, I take them to Newburyport for the day. It is the quintessential, New England coastal town. First, let’s get some of the boring stats out of the way. Newburyport Stats Population: 17,416 (2010 census) Median Home Prices (single family home): $731,397 Closest Major Airport: There […]


Live, work and play in Andover. Brimming with rich history and classic small town charm, Andover is the quintessential New England town. With a bustling downtown filled with delicious restaurants and an array of shops as well as the safe neighborhoods and an excellent school system, Andover, Massachusetts is a great place to be. Reasons […]


Why would anyone consider moving to Amesbury MA? Let’s ask a better question: Why wouldn’t anyone consider moving to Amesbury? There’s a lot to love about the town. As a realtor, I hear from a lot of people who desire living in nearby Newburyport but cannot afford the real estate prices of living there. They […]