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Salisbury MA Beach Favorites: A Local Perspective

Salisbury Beach - Surf Board

September marks the end of summer, but there’s still some time to enjoy the warm weather before it officially slips away. While the pandemic has certainly X-ed off some of our usual favorite summer activities, there’s a special location on the East Coast that promises fun in a safe environment… Salisbury MA Beach! 

There’s plenty to do, so I’ve got your perfect beach day covered. Grab your sunscreen (and your masks) and read through my Best of Salisbury Beach hotspots… because the local perspective is always best! 

1. Joe’s Playland 

Beat the heat inside this unique arcade! Joe’s playland offers a wide range of games, both classic and new. The colorful setting has the fans blasting and easy-to-swipe gamecards for a comfortable, smooth experience. Best of all, there are two levels (and an area with pool tables/seaside views), so there’s plenty to explore. And while you’re cooling off in the arcade, you can swing by the attached ice cream stand for delectable soft serve and locally-made fudge.

Salisbury Beach - Joe's Playland

2. GroundSwell Surf Cafe 

If you’re a local, chances are you know about GroundSwell. This eclectic cafe dishes up locally-sourced organic treats and delectable smoothies to accommodate diets/preferences of all kinds! They’re most popular for their fresh acai bowls (which are the perfect healthy treat for a hot day). Grab a spoon and select from the menu’s several dozen toppings to customize the fruity treat to your liking. Specialty iced teas and coffees make this cafe a must-try when you’re out at Salisbury MA beach!   

Salisbury Beach - Ground Swell Cafe

3. Tripoli’s Beach Pizza 

It wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without some delectable beach pizza! Tripoli’s is a Massachusetts favorite and the perfect place to grab a fresh slice. The square-cut, hand-rolled pizza is nice and thin with the perfect crunch (and the cheese/sauce ratio is top-notch). This iconic pizza joint has been dishing out cheesy goodness since 1945, and you can tell: they’ve worked the recipe to perfection. Better yet, they have a wide variety of sweet homemade pastry options to pair with your pizza…if you love Italian pastry, grab a cannoli!  

Tripoli Pizza

Photo credit: Tripoli’s Beach Pizza

4. Surfside  

If you’re in need of a good lunch spot, look no further: Surfside on Salisbury MA Beach serves up fresh seafood with a panoramic view of the ocean. Grab a table near the edge of the large outdoor seating area and watch the waves crash on the shoreline while you enjoy your meal. During the evenings, there’s even live music on the deck…check their website for schedules! 

Photo credit: Surfside Salisbury Beach

Photo credit: Allie Tervo

5. Seaglass 

Who says the beach isn’t upscale? Swing by Seaglass for a glamorous meal while surrounded by 360° views of the ocean. The robust menu is filled with delicious, fresh takes on American classics and a dazzling drink menu for a cocktail among friends. There’s no better way to spend an evening at the beach.

Salisbury Beach - Blue Ocean Seaglass

Check it out for yourself, and stop by Salisbury for your next beach trip! In the meantime, feel free to take a peek at this 24-hour live-stream straight from the waterfront: the excitement Salisbury Beach offers truly speaks for itself!
Live Camera: Salisbury Beach

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