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Plum Island Soap Company

While out on Plum Island, I drove by a charming store front and decided to stop in. Feast your eyes on the Plum Island Soap Company! Aside from a large selection of bath soaps and skincare products, this place was a visual delight.

Exterior Store Front - Plum Island Soap Company
Plum Island Soap Company, 205 Northern Blvd, Newburyport, MA
Plum Island Soap Company

Keep looking….

See what I’m saying? Now if you’re easily overwhelmed with “stuff”, this may not be your cup of tea. I actually feel like organizing my house when I see how nicely stacked the products are. Inspiring, isn’t it? Maybe I can finally apply some Marie Kondo tidying methodology.

What’s wicked cool is that the products are all 100% natural and they are handmade daily on site. Seriously, how awesome is that? I love supporting local businesses when I can.

Plum Island Soap Company - Man Can
Plum Island Soap Company – Man Can

One product that caught my eye is for the men in your life appropriately named “The Man Can”.

I am all for visual presentation and love how this gift set comes in a tin paint can. It contains bar soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter and a body accessory. So what’s the price? $48. Literally grab it and go.

Now just think of all the various things you could do with spare paint can. I’m imagining a planter, a wine rack, a craft project, a lamp shade, like this:

paint can lamp shade

Or simply, using paint cans to store more stuff, like this below:

paint can

Paint cans as storage containers. Which brings us back to that idea of organizing! Now if only I can find that Marie Kondo book about tidying up. It apparently did not spark much joy!

Learn more about The Plum Island Soap Company on their Facebook page.

You can visit them at their store location (open daily 11:00am – 4:00pm ) or order online at their website:

Plum Island Soap Company, 205 Northern Blvd. Newburyport MA

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