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Moving to Newburyport MA: The Ultimate Guide

Newburyport Boardwalk at WaterFront park - Moving to Newburyport

Newburyport Neighborhood Guide

Newburyport is your picturesque New England coastal town. People around the world are discovering Newburyport as a travel destination and a sought after place to live. If you’re thinking of moving to Newburyport, continue reading.

Living in Newburyport

Living in Newburyport is like being vacation every day. The town is filled with beaches, waterfront boardwalks, walking trails and parks. Its large collection of historical homes serves as a serene backdrop to art galleries, trendy shops, restaurants, museums, al fresco dining, lively nightlife, and more. 


Newburyport  has 4 seasons throughout the year. Summers in Newburyport are comfortable with an average temperature of 72 degrees.  Winters can be  cold with snow blizzards caused by N’oreaster storm.


The population in Newburyport is roughly 18,000 making it a small city.  Moving to Newburyport means a slower pace away from the hustle and bustle and a supportive close-knit community.

Where is Newburyport?

Located 37 miles north of Boston and near major highways, Newburyport is just minutes away from some of the best shopping, restaurants, and attractions the North Shore has to offer. Commuting to Boston by car takes 46 minutes. Newburyport has easy access to major highways I-95 and Route 1 which lead into Boston.  The city has a train station stop that takes commuters directly into Boston (North Station). It takes 65 minutes by train via the Newburyport / Rockport line.

Newburyport shares a border with Salisbury, Amesbury, West Newbury and Newbury MA. 

The beaches are close: Plum Island Beach is in town and  Salisbury Beach is 10 minutes away.

There are 2 close airports nearby. Newburyport is a 44-minute drive to Logan Airport in Boston a 50-minute drive to the Manchester Regional airport in New Hampshire

Newburyport History

A great resource for Newburyport history is the interactive history map on the History Newburyport website. 

Newburyport Resident Recreation


A popular trail in Newburyport is the Clipper City Rail Trail, where you can ride your bike or rollerblade along a 3.3-mile path. There are artwork displays along the trail and a model train that is popular with the kids for imaginary play.

Below is a video of me rollerblading on the trail. I hadn’t put on rollerblades in over 15 years! The boardwalk made things bumpy. I definitely struggled on the uneven wood boards.


Just a few miles from downtown Newburyport is one of the Northshore’s most beloved beaches, Plum Island Beach.


Downtown Newburyport packs in a lot of charm. You’ll find brick road streets lined with a myriad of boutique shops, from clothing stores and art galleries, to dog boutiques and soap shops. 


The Newburyport Tennis Club is an inclusive club for all ages. It has been part of the community for over 50 years. The facility offers 6 state-of-the-art indoor tennis courts and a lounge for socializing. 


Youth and young adults can learn to skate board in a safe environment at the Newburyport Skate Park. The outdoor park offers 3 bowls with metal rail edges. The park sits behind the Rupert A. Nock Middle School is closed while school is in session.


MetroRock offers indoor rock climbing for kids and adults. Beginner and experienced climbers can enjoy the space. The gym offers bouldering, or climbing without ropes up to 14 feet high to the top of the wall. Autobelays are also available to help beginners reach the top of tall walls. 


The Firehouse Center for the Arts is a non-profit 191-seat theater in downtown Newburyport. Sit back and enjoy a play or performance. 


The Tannery Marketplace houses a variety of shops including fitness studios, salons, bakeries, dance classes, restaurants, toy store and a bookstore.

Parks in Newburyport


Explore open fields, forests and miles of trails at the Maudsley State park. You can walk, bike or ride your horse here. Pets are welcome. Views of the Merrimack River and rose garden are equally nice.


Take in the natural beauty of the outdoors at Moseley Woods. This park features hiking trails, a kids playground, and a covered picnic area. You’ll get views of the river and bridge from the trails here.


Enjoy a beautiful view of the Merrimac River. There’s a boat launch for anybody who loves boating. Cast a fishing line from the public access dock. Children enjoy the nautical-theme playground equipment at Cashman Park. A baseball field, basketball court and tennis courts are also available here.


Take a  short walk from the heart of downtown Newburyport to the Waterfront Park. The boardwalk runs along the Merrimac River and offers beautiful views of the water. 


The Atkinson Common has a fenced playground area for young children, baseball field and tennis courts. 


The Bartlett Mall is a place to walk around Frog Pond, ice skate, enjoy picnics and community celebrations, rest on the benches or allow let the kids play in the playground. 


Located in the city’s South End, Joppa Park is known for its views of Joppa Flats. Walk along the sidewalk with views of the river. There is a boat ramp on the Eastern end of the park. The park connects to the Clipper City Rail Trail, a 3.3 mile paved path.


A small play structure for young children to enjoy in the middle of all the downtown shops.  

Newburyport News & Events

The Daily News is a  printed newspaper that is delivered Monday-Saturday. A digital subscription is also available. The Daily News  considered the go-to source for all of the local news happening  in the community.

Newburyport Schools

Moving to Newburyport is an easy decision for many families because of the town’s top-rated school districts.

Public Schools

  • River Valley Charter Elementary/Middle School
  • Francis T. Bresnahan Elementary
  • Edward G. Molin Upper Elementary
  • Rupert A. Nock Middle School
  • Newburyport High School

Private Schools

  • Immaculate Conception School

What is the Best Neighborhood in Newburyport?

South End
North End
Plum Island

Is Newburyport a Good Place to Live?

Moving to Newburyport or any new city requires consideration towards safety. Overall, the city is considered desirable among locals. A helpful resource for researching safety in Newburyport is the police log provided on the Newburyport Police Department website. also provides a helpful crime map rating. 

What I Love about Newburyport

  • Restaurants & retail shopping:  Downtown Newburyport offers many shops and boutiques with eclectic products ranging from apparel
    to home decor and everything in between. There are plenty of restaurant options to choose from. In between my real estate appointments, I enjoy going to NuKitchen because of the ambiance and vegan food options. The shops are fun to look at.

  •  Historical Charm: I love new and modern, but  I appreciate old character. The city takes care to preserve architectural heritage, whether it’s a street, building, park or even a street light. Links to the past are also evident in the homes. If you’re thinking of moving to Newburyport, you’ll have to consider whether the home is in the historic district because there are limitations on what can be done to the home’s exterior. These measures ensure a consistent look within the city.

What I Don't Love about Newburyport

  • Tourism: Tourist season is rough on Newburyport locals. Summer days are swamped with crowded beaches, bustling downtown areas, and cramped parking lots. Be prepared for high wait times at your favorite local restaurants and a general lack of parking.

  • Cost of Living: Moving to Newburyport requires a decent income because the median home price is $731,397. Newburyport’s cost of living is higher than average, meaning that a full lifestyle here is not readily accessible. It’s roughly 13% more expensive to reside in Newburyport than it is to live in other MA locations.

  • Business Turnover: The high cost of living in Newburyport likely affects the ability for businesses to be profitable. I discovered and fell in love with local Newburyport businesses to soon learn it closed its doors permanently. There is a constant stream of new shops and restaurants moving to Newburyport.

  • Small Population: Newburyport has a relatively small population. With this comes a lack of racial and economic diversity and a shortage of new experiences.

Newburyport Homes For Sale

Final Thoughts on Moving to Newburyport

Whether you’re definitely moving to Newburyport or just considering it, you can see now why Newburyport is a thriving town that attracts visitors from around the world.

If you’re seriously thinking about moving to Newburyport, or just have a few more questions about the area, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Call, email, shoot me a text: Jeni Lu 781.864.7372. I can provide you information on anything, or at least point you in the right direction.

Have an awesome day!

Jeni Lu

Jeni Lu

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