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Haverhill Gyms and Studios (and nearby towns)

Happy 2024! If you’re looking for a gym in Haverhill or nearby town, I’ve got you covered. Finding balance between being a REALTOR and a being parent means I need to exercise. I’ve visited a lot of places over the years. Here’s my list of local gyms and fitness studios in Haverhill and nearby towns!

Keep in mind, just because a gym has all the bells and whistles, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit, and just because a gym is perfectly equipped doesn’t mean it will be well managed. A gym that works for me, may not work for you.

That said, here’s my list of local-to-Haverhill gyms and studios to help you know the options!

Cedardale Health and Fitness - Haverhill Gym

Cedardale Health and Fitness - Haverhill, MA

Hands down my favorite gym in Haverhill. If you could call a gym beautiful, Cedardale would be it. This family-owned health club in the Bradford section of Haverhill was rebuilt after a fire tore through 2017. As a result, everything in this Haverhill gym is brand new and state-of-the-art. It has a spacious equipment area, fitness classes, multiple indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a cafe, indoor track, basketball and more. Everything is laid out well. I find members here are very social. It’s a great place to connect with people. 

There’s not much negative I can say about this place and I poured through the online reviews. The only improvement I can think of is the parking lot distance and the hours. My husband usually can’t get a workout in until the late evening hours so he would be rushing to finish by 9:00pm. The membership is pricey compared to other gyms but members say it’s worth it. It’s not hard to see why.

Cost: $$$

Pros: Brand new gym. Many classes and amenities, including hot tub, sauna, steam room. Childcare is included for an additional fee starting at $16 for a drop in visit to $50/month unlimited visits.

Cons: Potentially the hours. Parking is across the street. It’s funny to complain about the distance when walking is good exercise, but in freezing cold, wet weather, that walk from the parking lot does feel long.


Planet Fitness - Haverhill Gym

Planet Fitness - Haverhill, MA

All the equipment you’d expect in a gym and then some like a TRX and PF 360 area. The staff keeps this Haverhill gym immaculately clean. I don’t know about all Planet Fitness locations nationwide, but this location is usually spotless. They offer small group training classes. One downside is that no childcare is offered here. I fit my workouts in the early mornings before the kids wake up while my husband is home with them. I’m most productive at 5am before the daily shuffle to school begins. 

Cost: $. Basic membership is $10/month; $22/month upgraded membership gets access to massage/tanning and other locations

Pros: Clean facility and locker rooms. Numerous locations nationwide.

Cons: No childcare; hours are no longer 24/7 


North Shore Pole Fitness

North Shore Pole Fitness - Lawrence, MA

I absolutely love, love, love this place so much I had to include it even if it’s not technically a Haverhill gym – it’s a super quick drive though and right near the highway. If you’ve ever been curious to try pole dancing, aerial silks/hoop, chair dance, or aerial yoga, this is the place for you. One of the reasons I hear for people not giving it a try is because they don’t have the upper body strength. Trust me, you will find muscles you never knew you had after a class here. The instructors will get you strong. People of all ages and sizes are welcome. There’s no judgment. It’s a great community of women and men.

Parking can be difficult if you go during the day time during business hours. It’s a shared parking lot that a number of other businesses share. Look for the 90-minute parking spot signs for an open parking spot. The studio is also tricky to find if it’s your first time.  Just plan to get there early your first day. Btw, the studio is located on the 3rd floor of Building 9 Entry I in the mill buildings. 

Cost: $$$. First class discount is $25. I recommend purchasing a multi-class package or an unlimited membership. There are occasional 20% off sales on packages during the year.

Pros: Fun and challenging workouts. Supportive community.

Cons: Parking, no childcare, difficult to find the first time


Haverhill gym - YMCA Haverhill

YMCA - Haverhill / Andover / Plaistow

The YMCA in Haverhill offers group fitness classes, a small gym area and pool. My kids enjoyed the large gymnastics area on the 3rd floor during open play times. What’s nice about a membership here is that you can visit other local YMCA locations at no additional cost.

Compared to the other nearby YMCA’s, this Haverhill gym building feels old, outdated and in need of a face lift.  The Andover YMCA gets my vote for the best pools and a modern facility, though crowded most of the time. The Plaistow YMCA has the Ninja Obstacle course which is fun for kids, and it’s challenging for adults too. I never made it to the Ipswich location but I hear they have a nice water park for the kids. 

Cost: $$. Individual membership is $48 per month. Family memberships are available.

Pros: Childcare services, pool/gymnasium, access to other local YMCA locations

Cons: Old facility


Fitness Appeal

Fitness Appeal - Lawrence, MA

This is not your typical gym. It’s a lot more fun! Imagine a Ninja Warrior training gym for adults.  If you’ve ever dreamed of completing a spartan race, marathon, or obstacle course, this place will help you achieve that goal. You may want to bring a set of hand gloves. I made it through the 20 ft Twister obstacle but not without destroying my skin. I love the mental and physical challenge of the obstacles that Coach Victor creates; he brings great energy to this community. You’ll find wall climbs, monkey bars, rope climbs, salmon ladder and more. There are coach-led fitness classes like kettle balls, killer core cardio, step and tone, and obstacle course boot camp. 

Cost: $$. Class packages and membership options.

Pros: Fun and challenging obstacle courses for athletes

Cons: Potentially difficult to find the first time – no street signage. Gym is tucked away in the back of a building.


Dawns Here - Haverhill Gym

Dawns Here - Haverhill, MA

Not a Haverhill gym, but a Haverhill fitness studio. Dawn’s Here is located in the heart of downtown Haverhill and tucked away inside a multi-business building, making it somewhat difficult to find the first time. The studio offers group fitness classes and personal training. I worked up a sweat in a step aerobics class that I attended with Dawn. She and her team of coaches will push you to do your best. There’s also kettleball, weight lifting, HIIT classes and more. As with many studios, there’s no childcare offered.  

Cost: $$$. Memberships start at $75/month for 2 classes per week.

Pros: Small group classes. Sense of community.

Cons: Parking can be difficult (park across the street in the public parking lot). No childcare.


bTone Andover

bTone Fitness - Andover, MA

Reformer Pilates classes here! It’s like mat Pilates but with added resistance. There are springs on the Reformer machine that allow you to control how much resistance you want so you can make every exercise easier or harder. Think small, intense and dynamic movements. You might feel your muscles shaking. I’m usually sore (a good sore) the next day. It’s an effective 45-minute workout without the cardio. There’s no jumping or heavy impact on the joints which was perfect for my 74-year old mom who does not exercise and has knee issues. I had her try a class with me and she did well!

Cost: $$$. 2 week unlimited trial pass for $49. Various packages offered starting at $18 per class.

Pros: Effective workout for muscle toning. Clean studio with window views of the town. Childcare offered during select classes.



F45 Training - North Andover, MA

If you like working out alone but in a group setting, this may be the place for you. They offer group fitness classes where stations are set up and you rotate through all the stations on a set time schedule. Each day has a different emphasis (strength, cardio, etc). Class size ranged from few to many (I counted near 30 people in my first class) with an instructor who quickly explains the exercises at the beginning of class. I couldn’t remember the 25 or so exercises and ended up following the TV screen to watch the model on what to do at each station. The instructor walks around to correct your form and provide motivation. 

There was a lot of switching of stations and there’s a lot of mental energy that goes into figuring out what to do and how to do it properly. By the time I figured it out, it was time to move on to the next exercise. But just because a studio or gym isn’t right for me doesn’t make it a bad choice.

Cost: $$$. Free 1 week trial; Class package deals and monthly memberships offered.

Pros: Brand new building and equipment; showers

Cons: Followed a TV screen most of the time. 


Wellness Hot Yoga - Haverhill gym

Wellness Hot Yoga - Haverhill, MA

This hot yoga studio opened its doors in Fall 2022 and I was ready to give it a try. If you’ve never tried hot yoga, the room is set to ~100 degrees. I am literally drenched in sweat after each class. A water bottle is a must. They have yoga mats for rent if you forget to bring your own.

If you like consistency in your yoga practice, this place is great. Bikram yoga is a sequence of 26 poses. No matter where you go, it’s always the same 26 poses. If you like variety, this isn’t the place for you. I was bored after taking a few yoga classes here. Each class was 90 minutes long and every instructor went through the same poses and even used the same phrases to describe the poses. I was told to “fold over like a Japanese ham sandwich.”  What is a Japanese ham sandwich?? The phrase stuck with me as odd, so yes, I noticed when two different instructors said it. This studio also offers float therapy where you’re laying in a small pool of salt water. I wouldn’t mind giving that a try but I would personally skip the yoga classes unless there were more variety. I like variety.

Cost: $$$. First month: $59 for unlimited classes; $159/month after the 1st month. 10-class card: $250.

Pros: Brand new and clean facility

Cons: Repetitive classes. Parking can be difficult (use the public parking lot nearby)


Orange Theory Fitness - Methuen, MA

If you need a high intensity, boot camp style class, consider this nationwide chain. This isn’t in Haverhill but makes it on my list of Haverhill gyms because it’s close by at The Loop shopping area. There’s no cheating when everybody in the class can see your heart rate and calories burned through the use of a monitor band. Talk about accountability. I left feeling like I burned a ton of calories. Each workout switches between the treadmill, the rowing machine and weights. Working out here is dangerous for me because a Crumbl cookie shop is in the same shopping plaza. If Orange Theory isn’t your style, there’s another Planet Fitness location next door.

Cost: $$$

Pros: Accountability. Huge calorie burn. Convenient location near many businesses. Clean facility.

Cons: No childcare


Choice Fitness Elite - Methuen, MA

This gym near the Loop used to be Boston Sports Club, and Latitude before that. It was recently purchased by Choice Fitness, which offers many locations in Haverhill and surrounding towns. This location has many amenities including a basketball court, indoor track, group fitness classes, a smoothie bar and more.

Cost: $$. Free 7 day trial. $49 a month for this location only; enrollment fee of $150. Elite membership $59 a month includes all Choice Fitness locations; zero enrollment fee. All memberships incur a $79.99 annual fee. 

Pros: Childcare is included in the Elite membership (this is huge!)



Seacoast Stilettos - Salisbury, MA

I’m not a natural born dancer but I was pulled outside of my comfort zone here and I loved it. This studio is a 20-minute drive from Haverhill but I included it because many people likely don’t know about this dance studio.

I attended different dance classes here but my favorite would be the contemporary dance workshop. I found it to be very healing and even empowering. The owner/instructor, Emily, taught us the dance moves to a song she choreographed. The group took time out to reflect, find our motivation and purpose. At the end of class, we had the opportunity to perform what we learned while being recorded by a professional videographer. That’s right. We were able to keep a video memory of the dance we learned. 

Cost: $$. New student special 3-class pack is $50. Other class packages and membership available.

Pros: Empowering and fun classes. Sense of community

Cons: Difficult parking. There’s only so many parking spots. Get to class early.


Haverhill gyms - Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree - Haverhill, MA

If you’re looking for a way to restore, consider yoga. Yoga Tree is located in the heart of downtown Haverhill. I haven’t been to this one in many years so I’m sure there’ve been changes. 

Cost: $$. New students: 3 classes for $30. Class packages and memberships. 

Pros: Spacious studio with tall ceilings

Cons: Parking in downtown. There’s street parking and some parking lots nearby. 


Haverhill gyms - Pink Room Fitness

The Pink Room Fitness - Haverhill, MA

Small group fitness and personal training for women. I saw this studio in downtown Haverhill and it’s on my list to try.

Cost: $$$. Membership packages are $45/month (1 class per week), $65/month (3 classes per week) or $100/month (unlimited classes per month). 

Pros: Females only.

Cons: Only 1 or 2 classes offered a day. If you can’t make 5:15 AM, you may be out of luck. 


Club Pilates Andover

Club Pilates - North Andover, MA

This studio offers 9 different types of classes. You’ll do small controlled movements on a reformer machine or TRX suspension ropes. If you don’t love cardio or have any joint pain, this is a great workout to consider. The instructors can modify all exercises up or down to accommodate advanced and beginner students.

Cost: $$$$. Free intro class. 4-class pass: $129 a month. 8-class pass: $199 class. Unlimited: $229 a month. Minimum 3 months.

Pros: Convenient location in a business plaza

Cons: No childcare.


Bare N9Ne Andover

Barre N9NE - Andover, MA

You’ll use a ballet barre, light weights, bands and your own body weight for resistance in these small group classes set to music. The classes combine Pilates with strength training. The studio is located on a small side street so chances are high you won’t find parking in front of the studio. There is a small parking lot at the end of the street that may be open to the public; otherwise your nearest parking lot would be behind the post office 2 blocks away. The studio is also located on the 2nd floor so hopefully you can handle the steep, narrow stairs. It was difficult for my mom with her knee pain to handle. I didn’t see an elevator but I also didn’t look. 

Cost: $$-$$$. First time client special: 3 classes for $30. Class packages range from $14-20 a class, or potentially $7 a class ($200 for 30 classes to be used in 1 month)

Pros: Small, clean studio.

Cons: Parking – difficult to find parking in front of the studio.


Spark Fitness - Andover

Spark Fitness and Tennis Club - Andover, MA

Conveniently located right off highway 93, this gym offers a lot. I tried a tennis class here. The instructor offered a lot of support for this newbie; the last time I played tennis was decades ago. The cross fit class was also challenging. There are also a number of youth programs here. The gym area itself combines cardio equipment and weights in one big room. If you get conscientious of treadmill folks watching you as you lift weights, this may not be the ideal layout for you. I enjoyed the group fitness classes up in the studios upstairs and at the time, they offered childcare. Parking was never a problem. 

Cost: $$-$$$. Basic gym membership: $39/month. Group fitness and Cross Fit classes are an additional fee. 

Pros: Many amenities, including tennis courts and childcare. Cross Fit and group exercise classes.



Andover Fit Body Booty Camp

Andover Fit Body Boot Camp - Andover, MA

I don’t love boot camp classes but I was sweaty after a class here. The coach set up stations around the open room. We formed pairs or small groups and rotated through the stations. I liked that we worked through 2 exercises at each station, which allows you to take a break from an exercise and also come back to it better prepared the 2nd time. Nutrition coaches are available as well. 

Cost: $$$. One week Free Trial. $39 a week or $169 a month. Unlimited classes. 

Pros: Easy to work into your schedule: Open 6 days a week; up to 10 classes offered a day.  

Cons: Classes only, no walk-in gym. 


I hope this list helps you find a local Haverhill gym or fitness studio to try. Movement is so good for the body and the benefits are many: increased energy, improved sleep, weight management, stress relief and so much more. Let’s get moving!

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