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Don’t Trust Zillow

Don’t trust Zillow. There, I said it.

Did you know that the CEO of Zillow sold his home for 40% less than the “Zestimate”? They actually have a disclaimer on their website where you can see exactly how inaccurate they can be. They just make it hard to find. Here is their disclosure about it:

Zillow is based on public records and doesn’t take into account any improvements or updates. There’s no walk-through of a specific property and doesn’t accurately compare apples to apples with other recently sold homes in the immediate area.

That’s where a trusted Realtor comes in. Let me help you with a “Zactimate.” I will personally tour your home to see the work you put into your home. I will get a sense of the layout, the location and the general sale ability of your home. Then I’ll look at how the local market has been performing recently. From there, I’ll come up with a marketing plan for your home.

That’s it.

Zestimates are also based on user-input for home details. A homeowner can edit info about his or her home, which means he or she may unknowingly count the spare room as a bedroom when it’s not recognized legally by the town.  All this to say, use the info to get a sense of the market trends but do not trust Zillow for an accurate price point of your home.

Call or text me and I’ll help you determine your home value.

Jeni Lu

Jeni Lu

I'm Jeni Lu, a neighborhood guide and Realtor® at Bentley's The RE/MAX Collection. I've spent years finding the best restaurants, shopping, outdoor spots and events so you can enjoy the neighborhood. I look forward to showing you around the Boston North shore and Southern New Hampshire area. If you live in the area or you're thinking of moving here, you've come to the right place!