Why Is My Home Not Selling In A Hot Market? 5 Reasons Why

Why isn't my home selling in a hot market

Are you wondering: “Why is my home not selling in a hot market?” Hint: It’s not always about the price! In today’s sizzling real estate market, where properties seem to fly off the shelves in a matter of days, it can be incredibly frustrating when your home lingers on the market without finding a buyer. […]

How to Buy and Sell a Home Simultaneously

How to Buy and Sell a House Simultaneously - 2 Houses

Wondering how to buy and sell a home simultaneously? Most first time sellers don’t think about it… until they do it.  Buying a new home while you’re still living in your current home can create a long string of dominoes. And if just one of these dominoes fails to tip over in the line, the […]

Essex County Market Reports

Essex County Market Report Thumbnail - Wicked Northshore

Your market reports are updated daily. Each report includes average property values, inventory and market changes.  Click on each report for more details.  Questions or need your area added? Call, text or email Jeni Lu at 781-864-7372, jeni@bentleysrealestate.com. Massachusetts Market Reports

Are Open Houses Worth It?

Whether you’re selling a home or just thinking about it, you’re probably wondering to yourself: Are open houses worth it? Think about it: Strangers walking into your home wandering about freely and looking inside every closet, nook and cranny. Not to mention, busy street traffic for your neighbors. So are open houses worth it? It […]

Real Estate Myth: A Home Will Sell Itself

Seller myth

Today I’m talking about a real estate myth I’ve been hearing from homeowners: The home will sell itself in this market. I wish this were true! Selling a house actually takes a ton of work. Here’s what I do for every house I sell: I could go on. These are only the basics of getting […]