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Canobie Lake Park Tickets: 3 Reasons to Get the Season Pass

3 Reasons to Buy the Canobie Lake Park season pass - Canobie Lake Park tickets

Looking for Canobie Lake Park tickets? If you’re local to Salem, New Hampshire or thinking of moving there, you’ll want to consider purchasing the season pass instead of a day ticket. I bought a season pass for myself and my kiddos this summer.

Below I’ll go over my 3 reasons for purchasing it:

Money Savings

I love knowing I can go to the park as many times as I want. My 2 and 9-year old kiddos do not tire of this place. We use it every week, sometimes 3 times a week.

If you do the math, it takes only 3-4 visits to the park to make it worth the savings. Canobie Lake Park tickets can cost between $48 to $59 for a day pass. A basic season pass costs $139 and an upgraded season pass costs $199. The basic season pass doesn’t allow weekend visits during the busy July and August months; the upgraded season pass has no blackout dates. Ages 3 and under are free. If that’s not enough savings, check out the next perk.

Canobie Lake Park - 3 Reasons for a Season Pass. Water Park / Lazy river.


Lazy River @ Canobie Lake Park

Bring a Friend Day

A Canobie Lake Park season pass allows you to bring one friend for free on certain select dates. How sweet is that? It’s always fun with friends and they’ll love you more for it. You can choose to bring relatives and make it a family outing.

The only catch is that everyone in your party must show up at the front entrance together at the same time. It’s a small inconvenience to avoid paying for Canobie Lake park tickets.

Mini bumper cars

Venetian Carousel

Better Experience

Is there a line at the Boston Tea Party ride? No big deal. We can skip it today and try again another day. I’ve seen long lines and zero lines there. It depends on the day and time you go!

If we want to drop in for 1 or 2 hours, we can. We don’t have to stay an entire day to maximize a day pass ticket. We can meet up with friends and go a few hours at a time. Canobie Lake Park has become a play date destination for us since several of my daughter’s friends have season passes as well.

Besides, you’ll want to visit the park on multiple occasions because:

1) It’s hard to get in all the rides in a single visit. My kids can spend half the day at the water park alone. That’s right. There’s a water park included with park admission. My kids also like to go on the same ride over and over. We like to take our slow, sweet time.

2) The park changes things up. In the summer, there’s fireworks every Friday at 9:15pm. In the fall, there’s 5 haunted houses during ScreeemFest.

DaVinci’s Dream: A swing ride at Canobie Lake Park

Best Time To Visit

When’s the best time to go? A visit to Canobie Lake park is always a good time! But if you’re looking for less crowds, I’ve found going right at park opening and heading straight to the back of the park gave us almost complete alone time before the crowds came in. Note: The park opens 30 minutes before the time stated on the park website (when rides open).

Planning your park visit towards the end of the day around 4 or 5pm after people get tired and go home is also a good time to reduce the wait time for rides. It’s easier to find a good parking spot near the front entrance during these times. Speaking of parking, it’s always free.

Canobie Lake Park season pass fun - On board the Vintage Car ride
Me with my little people on the antique cars @ Canobie Lake Park

When to Buy

Season passes are not sold after July 5 according to the official park website, but I heard they stopped selling them earlier in past years. There’s a limited quantity to maintain park capacity levels.

Plan ahead for future Christmas and birthday gifts. Canobie Lake park tickets and  season passes make a great gift of memories and experiences for loved ones. 

Final thoughts

Since its opening in 1902, Canobie Lake Park has been a favorite for locals. If you’d like to learn more about the town and what to do there, visit my guide on Moving to Salem, New Hampshire. I talk about the pros AND the cons about Salem.

For more info about the park, visit their website:

Canobie Lake Park

85 N Policy St, Salem, NH 03079

(603) 893-3506

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